Hello and welcome to my world.

I am a professional dominatrix with a decade of experience in the realm of BDSM/Fetish/Kink.

I emerged from the lifestyle and am on a continuous path of growth, learning, experiencing, and practising my craft. I am fortunate to find myself amongst the ranks of some of the most powerful and experienced practitioners of BDSM at Sanctuary Studios LAX where I am a staff domme. I am always looking for newer and newer ways to expand my universe, whether that be in the dungeon with clients, at play parties and events, on the internet via cam shows, in classrooms learning new skills, or for that matter, in teaching others, or on the stage providing performances to enthralled audiences.

My background is of Eastern European descent and I have travelled all across the globe in my brief life. I am former military and highly cultured and educated. I have a solid footing with my academics in psychology and clinical therapy and can hold my own in just about every topic or subject, and I bring all of these facets to bear as part of a larger picture into what constitutes my understanding of this world and to provide a very unique experience for my play partners.

Please, take a moment to explore the insight I provide to you here on my website and feel free to contact me for any questions, concerns, or interests in seeing me for a session.

And remember,
Stay Sinful,
Lady Scarlett Sin