How do you feel about newcomers, and those with little to no experience in this world?
I welcome them with open arms. I will not rush you in any aspect and take great joy in being your first guide down this wonderful path. Whether you are brand spanking new (pardon the pun) or a salty veteran, all are welcome.

Do you take time to get to know your clients?
Yes, I find that an exceptional session is a result of good chemistry and communication. I want to spend the time to get to know you and your desires and design a session suited to your specific needs. I am here to earn relationships with clients, not just one time sessions.

What if you are not into what I am into?
I don't believe in "faking it." If I am not into your kink or desire, I will be upfront and honest with you about it and I will do my best to guide you to who would be the best fit for you. Again, I am here to provide reality to your desire, even if that is just helping you make a connection, as I would rather you be happy with your experience overall than just make a quick buck saying I am when I am not.

Do you do multiple domme sessions or bring in switches or subs if I want it?
ABSOLUTELY!!! I LOVE working with my fellow ladies at Sanctuary and the energy that can be had in such sessions is second to none. Whether it be a brief cameo, to a full two, three, or more girl session, it is definitely something I am always into.

Will you meet me when you are not on schedule?
Please contact me if you request a time/day when I am not usually on schedule. I am quite flexible and am more than happy to arrange a time that works for you.

What if I want to see you wearing something specific. How do I know you have it?
Contact me. It's that simple. If there is a particular item you want me to wear or use, I will let you know if I have it. I have a fairly vast closet and toybag, and if I don't have it, I may procure it, or have you procure it for me.

Do you do outcall?
Sanctuary is my home, and Mistress Cyan bearer of my utmost respect and loyalty. Our dungeon is equipped and staffed for all needs and desires and as such, I feel no need to provide outcall. So no, I do not.

2. Web / Net / Phone Sessioning

Do you webcam/do videos?
Yes. You can find me quite often at www.kinklive.com Stay tuned for other outlets and mediums that I will partnering with to bring you content.

Do you do phone/skype sessions?
Indeed I do.
You can reach me on niteflirt
if you are REALLY good and worthy, you can apply to get my direct number.
Message me for details.

3. Modelling / Performances

Do you accept commissions?
Yes I do. Contact me for inquiries

What if I want to hire you for a shoot?
- Contact me with the following:
- Name
- Organization (if applicable)
- Type and duration of shoot (as much detail as possible)
- Contact information
- Offered compensation or scale

How do you feel about taking part in nudity / sexually explicit material?
I am sex positive and open to different forms of artistic expression. By and large I am very discriminating with such requests, but let me know what you have in mind and I will let you know if I am interested or not.

I want to buy you something as a tribute/something to wear or use in a session. How do I do that?
You can find info on my TRIBUTE page or if there is something else, contact me directly. I am more than happy to honor such requests, and tributes and gifts are always welcome. If you wish to surprise me, you can send me items to:

Attn: Scarlett Sin
Sanctuary Studios
10914 S. La Cienega Blvd
Lennox CA 90304

What are your measurements in case I want to buy you something?
Click here for info

5. General Information

What are some of the best things a client can do to engage me?
Come with an open mind and understand that I am here to listen and communicate with you. Don't hold back. Your enjoyment is my paramount pleasure, so communicating to me what you seek will be a direct correlation to how good things can go.

Are you interested / do you take lifestyle slaves/submissives?
Yes I do, but with that said, I am VERY cautious on who I let enter my personal realm. Please do not approach me with a request for this right off the bat as I get multiples every day, and unless we know one another, my first thought is, you aren't sincere to offer it so easily to someone and that you aren't serious about the commitment involved.

It is best to let me know that you may have interest in beginning the process. For me, taking a personal sub/slave is a VERY serious thing and I do take extraordinary time and care in choosing/accepting those who I think are a good fit and whom I can dedicate the time/care/energies to.

What is the worst thing a (potential) client can do?
Any semblance of violating consent earns you an immediate banishment from my world. Consent and unfettered communication are the cornerstones of my world.

Being disrespectful to myself or others. Play is play, and consent can offer scenarios that seem disrespectful, but unconsented disrespect will draw my ire, whether towards myself or others.

Trying to enter my personal life/space without consent. I am a professional and this website and the identity behind it is that of a professional. I do have a private life and that is intentionally compartmentalized. Violation of my trust and presence in my personal sphere without my consent not only will put you on my bad side, but will I will pursue all manners of action to ensure my privacy remains intact. Simply put: Don't do it.

After that, telling me "I am into everything." Trust me. You aren't. I will name 3 things immediately that would make your skin crawl. Tell me some of your favorites or curiosities and we can go from there.